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Hi folks

I've been a photographer over the past 5 years, and have taken quite a few nature shots in the main, and mainly around the southwest of the UK

Many of the photos here are from the beautiful marshes of Avalon, and the surrounding magical, mystical & mythical realms of Glastonbury, as well as the beautiful South & Southwest coastlines of England

I love nature, so get out with my camera where I can

On this site, you'll find some of the treasures of nature that I have encountered, from wildlife, to sunsets, to oceans and stars.

Hope you enjoy what you see

Certainly get in touch with me via the contact page if you'd like to:-

  • Get some King Rich Photography memorabilia .. such as a canvas!! 

  • Hire me for an event you wish to capture through my photography

Thanks for having a look at my photo collections, and feel free to share my photos with anyone you feel would love to see them

Take it Easily

King Rich

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